15An opinion column is an article in which an author is inspired by daily events and reflects his own personal views and thoughts on that subject. The opinion column is published in a corner of the inside pages of newspapers and magazines. This genre entered our literature from the West with the journalism of the "Tanzimat".

The opinion column we are focusing on should not be confused with humorous anecdotes such as Nasrettin Hodja and Bektashi jokes that are told to take lessons and lessons. Our subject is the "opinion column", which is a type of writing inliterature.

The Opinion column is an analogue of the article. However, in the "opinion column", as in the article, the personal views and thoughts put forward do not have to be proven with some evidence. Therefore, the reader is free to accept or reject the views and opinions expressed in the "opinion column".

Consider the following when writing an opinion column:

Opinion column articles are written in newspapers, magazines, news and other current media. Such articles can be written regularly or only at certain intervals. The following are the methods that can be used to write a column.

Opinion columns are articles similar to articles written in certain columns in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other publications. An opinion column may be published in newspapers regularly or once. Such articles, which are considered an important form of journalism, are usually written in columns and addressed to a small audience. The following methods are used to write a clause:

Determining the purpose of the "opinion column":

To inform the reader. The knowledge and experience of the author in the "opinion column" will increase the richness of the article.

Political, religious, social etc. The author may have purposes such as persuading, changing opinions, or directing on a subject.

Preparation of the content plan:

Each article is written with a certain plan in mind. In news articles, the author should present his views to the reader in a certain order. This plan, as in other genres, consists of stages such as arranging the introduction, development and conclusion sections, determining the language and stylistic features, and determining the resources to be utilized.

Following current events:

One of the important features of the Opinion column is that it deals with current events as a subject. For this reason, the opinion column writer should have a good general culture to follow current events.

Historical development of opinion column articles:

The Opinion column was born in 17th century France, where journalism flourished. However, in these first newspapers published in certain numbers, daily events were presented as news, and then it became a custom to write daily opinions about these events. Thus, while writing an opinion column is an occupation in itself, anecdote has emerged as a new genre.

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Column article:

Fıkra örnekleri:

The Lost Word

This holiday, I firmly believed that our language lost a word. It is not a word like that, it has no place in the life that is lived like "tandır", "oat"; elegant, subtle, civilized word.

I looked for him among the mustaches of the garbage man who knocked on the door. No!.. I waited for him from the gaping lips of the watchman who took his tip. No!.. I wanted to hear from the apprentice of the grocer, the assistant of the vegetable seller, the son of the butcher. No!.. The boy who took his silk handkerchief, the girl who folded his scarf, the greengrocer who put two halflings in his pocket, whoever knocked on our door for three days and took his gift left without giving me the word I was waiting for! You give two hundred and fifty cents to the driver of the taxi that says two hundred cents. Silence like a stone! You meet the young man whose book you speak of fondly. A senseless salute, like an insult!

You give your seat to a woman standing on the tram. A look at your face from above with nostrils! And none of them have that fine, kind, beautiful word that makes you human! Last year, the driver of a car I was driving in Athens told me this word for a ten-cent tip: both by removing the cap from his head and adding a "many" to the beginning of the word.

In Rome's largest hotel, the chambermaid girl had gracefully smashed her graceful body in exchange for another small gift, adorning the word with a smile on her lips.

Do not miss a word. It is even possible to attribute many complaints in our social life to the absence of this word. I'm thinking: How can we resurrect this dead word that is shrouded in white paper in dictionary books? I wonder if the municipality can make a price list for this word? At least in the market, in the market, in business life, we look at the list whenever we want, pay for it and hear this three-syllable word that we miss! Haa! Excuse me, I didn't tell you what this word I've been longing for, right?


Yusuf Ziya ORTAC

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